Wednesday, 2 June 2010

JUNE, and summer is here

So, June is here (I didn't arrive on the 1st to celebrate) and I am thrilled.
I am not feeling totally perfect, but my hay fever is remitting, so I can say I feel fine and good.
So, some nice things I managed to do while not at my best health status:
  1. Finish sewing my first skirt ever (not too bad, ok, and not too good)
  2. Bake a nice sponge cake in our brand new oven
  3. Eat some deliiiicious food (and no need to cook it. Do not misinterpret me, I love cooking, but savouring meals you didn't need to cook and NO dishes to do is a real pleasure)
  4. ??
It seems those are the most significant things I accomplished. I should be making an effort for accomplishing some more, I think. Lists are good (or bad if you come to realise you did not that much).
I'd better go for a huge glass of water, it is really hot here today. And I'll do something fun. I'll do something. Whatever. That's all.


  1. What kinds of dishes are you making that require no cooking? Salads? And no dishes to clean?! Well! I'd love to see them and get any new recipes you may have!

  2. I'll tell you my secret for these past few days: eating out and a loving-cooking-dishes-washing boyfriend. I wish I had came to a better secret! But maybe you'll like the 'fast and clean lemon sponge cake' I made. I'll post the recipe ;-)
    BTW, this weekend I am doing the granola you posted a couple of weeks ago. I'll let you know how it goes!