Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I am feeling kind of uninspired. Still, I didn't want to stop writing... maybe I'll focus on my yoga (starting today!) a couple of days, and then feel more inspiration and will.
See you soon!

Thursday, 10 June 2010


So the summer may be shying away, but I feel the summer in me.

And these beautiful things are helping me living my indoor summer dream today. There is something in Fred Perry's clothes that makes me feel fine, and like wanting to softly play tennis (even if I can't, even if I don't like it) at the club (which club?), and drink cocktails (at the club again?) all day long. Maybe I just need some fresh air.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Suddenly it is not hot. It is almost cold. Suddenly the sky is grey. Suddenly I had to close my window because of the wind. And suddenly all I can think of is ice-creams.
Delicious, summerish, colourful, happy ice-creams. My mind is all like that. Maybe I'd better prepare some chicken broth, it seems the weather is going ugly for some more days.

In other news, I am all excited as in a few days I will be starting my yoga lessons. I had tried it some years ago, but it resulted in disaster, so I am willing to see what happens this time -and see if my stiff body recovers some flexibility, or at least mobility, as it seems all I do is being on my computer and watching tv. OK, and going for a nice walk from time to time. And sew? That's not moving strictly speaking, right? OK, yoga, here I go!

*photo via weheartit

Monday, 7 June 2010


Some days are just great. And smell too good. And dreams sometimes just come true.
I got a beautiful parcel on the post (THANKS! It made my day).
And, guess who came with it?

After all, Mondays are not that bad.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have to admit that I am an obsessive girl. I get obsessed with all kind of things, and some time afterwards, my obsession deflates like a forgotten balloon in a birthday party. Seriously, is there anything more pity-inspiring than a deflated balloon?
Songs have the beautiful ability to make me listen to them once and again, for an entire day. For a whole week most part of the day. And, obviously, I end up detesting them (just for a reasonable period of time).
But for some reason, I have been singing this song and playing the video for too long now, and I don't seem to feel any signs of hate.

(some day I'll learn how to embed videos correctly, so that one can see the full video and not only a part of it)
Here to a long weekend! Enjoy yours.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

JUNE, and summer is here

So, June is here (I didn't arrive on the 1st to celebrate) and I am thrilled.
I am not feeling totally perfect, but my hay fever is remitting, so I can say I feel fine and good.
So, some nice things I managed to do while not at my best health status:
  1. Finish sewing my first skirt ever (not too bad, ok, and not too good)
  2. Bake a nice sponge cake in our brand new oven
  3. Eat some deliiiicious food (and no need to cook it. Do not misinterpret me, I love cooking, but savouring meals you didn't need to cook and NO dishes to do is a real pleasure)
  4. ??
It seems those are the most significant things I accomplished. I should be making an effort for accomplishing some more, I think. Lists are good (or bad if you come to realise you did not that much).
I'd better go for a huge glass of water, it is really hot here today. And I'll do something fun. I'll do something. Whatever. That's all.