Monday, 10 May 2010


Probably next week some of these will be totally irrelevant, and I will be hating something else. Maybe not.

  • Grey days when all I want is a little sunshine
  • People washing the dishes with cold water (afterwards the dishes are slippery, specially if you dressed your salad with some olive oil)
  • My tastebuds needing some vinegar, and not having gherkins in the fridge
  • Dog owners allowing their loved animals pooping all over the street
  • Extremely talkative restaurant waiters
  • Loving chocolate so much!
  • Not having hot water the minute I want to have a shower
  • Putting all my efforts in cooking a lovely meal, and that it results in something totally untasty (why me?!)
  • Making the bed
  • Talking on the phone (to nearly everybody)
But hating is not the only thing in life. Just one thing I do love. Oh my, do i love custard?

(not that I've had some today, but this was a delicious dessert I wanted to remember)


  1. Stupid chocolate. I broke down and bought a small jar of Nutella last week. Now it's Nutella on everything -- but mostly toast cuz there's only so much you can do with Nutella (which is even worse cuz now my bread intake is through the roof). Terrible Nutella! Look what you've done!...But...I just can't quit you!

  2. Oh, Nutella! There's no need to say more... (deep sigh).