Monday, 18 January 2010


[A week after my last -and second- post I decided that in fact I had nothing to say here, but...]
In the past few years I have been experiencing markedly low and high mood states -not that it is something as serious as to get medically treated, if it was, I would already have gone for professional advice.
And now that I have embarked on a new adventure in life, which I thought would have me jumping with happiness and showing an indelible smile, but has me crying and trying to avoid sudden saddness, I have been wondering how to deal with my emotional roller coaster.
[And this brings us back to the point where this post started: "but..."] For the time being I have decided that part of my therapy will be writing anything to you, whoever you are. Even if you are only me re-reading my posts (how weird is this?!).
So I'll try to write, write, write and enjoy the roller coaster ride.

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