Friday, 18 December 2009


I enjoy reading Homeschooling material. Why not? I have no kids, and no intention whatsoever of homeschooling them whenever (if) they arrive.

But, why not? And one day I felt the inspiration coming through in the name of Mrs. G. She is (much more than) a witty homeschooler, who here one day recommended a good pile of interesting books for middle-school children.

And, who am I but a middle school girl in the body of a little woman? So I immediately ordered two of the books - Painless Grammar, by Rebecca Elliot; and The Elements of Style Illustrated, by Strunk, White and Kalman. They are cheap, nice, interesting and helpful! I hope that at least some of the things I see on them find room in my brains to stay there.

So, maybe you will never --ever-- know about me, Mrs. G. but I am so grateful!!
And that is why. We'll be seeing how I manage the how.

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  1. Congratulations on your blog, Betty! Keep on writing and let us know your adventures in the blogosphere.